The Militia Neon is an FPV first. We made the worlds first neon drone kit for those who like to night fly with style. This neon is a form of EL wire, but this wire is a commercial grade phosphor formula that we derived specifically for FPV. This is not that cheap wire that you buy on amazon and because of this you will see a supperior high bright glow. This kit comes complete with 5ft of neon, power driver, mounting tape and gel adheasive. All connection are pre soldered for you so instalation is fairly easy.

     The driver unit is designed by us to deliver a consistant AC current derived from your battery pack. The driver comes complete with the 2mm gold bullet connectors that will plug and play to your already existing militia neon line. This unit plugs direct to your battery ballance lead and is default on the 3rd cell pin. You can repin it to the 4th cell pin to suppercharge the brightness level but this will eventually burn out at higher input voltages and is not refundable. 

     The unit itself is small enough to put into most frames but will be harder to mount in tight builds. We recomend that you check the space in your quad before buying.

     To turn your Miltia Neon on simply plug the balance lead to your battery pack. Alternatively you can hardwire to your PDB on a 12volt output. NOTICE: these units make a slight high pitch noise when on. THis is normal as you are hearing magnetic flux from DC voltage being converted to AC.


Size  = 

weight =

Input =  11-14 volts DC

output= 90 volts AC @ 2000 Hz / 0.08 Amps

This unit is extreemly low amperage and does not drain your battery

Militia Neon Light Package

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